Sunday, February 2, 2020

Beverly opens its door for Olde Princess Anne Days Holiday Historic House Tour!

Try saying that fast five times...
I went on WBOC with our local PR guru to help promote the event.

We had an excuse to dress the house up for the holidays and boy, did we have our work cut out for ourselves!
We got the biggest tree on the lot and had to hire 3 big guys to actually get it up the back porch stoop into the house. It was put up a few days before the tour because we were waiting on the delivery and installation of our custom hand-painted floor-cloth. Ginnie Lascara, pf Black Dog Galleries in Yorktown and Virginia Beach, Va.. created a monster masterpiece for our front hall that is just gorgeous. It was unrolled after she drove it up here herself, and iy fit perfectly.
5 mantles to trim was just the start. Several visits to places like Homestead Gardens, Michael's, Priceless Flowers, and How Sweet It Is were required. What do I do with all these poinsettias now?

Dave hung some wreaths on the windows.

The "Williamsburg" type decorations that we like took some customization to fit the front door fan light, and finding just the right apples is always a challenge. 

We had wonderful friends who volunteered to serve as docents for the visitors. We schooled them all in the Napoleon "story", the fire, and the provenance of all of Dave's furniture and "stuff." In the end, we counted over 130 guests that came through our door. 

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  1. Hello, a very historic home indeed, and beautiful. The builder of the house Nehemiah King of Somerset is my 5th Great Grandfather. I hope to come tour the house someday. David Lyle, Houston TX